luni, 19 septembrie 2011

Apararea Aeriana si-a inlocuit hartile cu iPad-uri

Conform unei stiri ce am vazut-o pe internet, o echipa din Marina SUA, Apararea Aeriana, si-a inlocuit hartile normale cu tablete iPad. Putin cam ciudata, huh? Asa mi se pare si mie, insa se pare ca acest lucru ii va putea ajuta mult mai mult, deoarece conform declaratiei date de ei, aceasta metoda le-a marit viteza de comunicatie pana la 15 minute.
The brass was wary when they first heard what Carlson and his fellow pilots were up to at Camp Bastion in Helmand province. They weren’t sure if a commercial product was secure enough to handle in-combat transmission (though only non-classified maps were being stored on the devices). But about a year later, the brass appears to be on-board — at least on a trial basis — and the commanding officer of HMLA-267 told Defense News that iPads have sped up communications by about 15 minutes during close-air missions. Now ground and air can simply confirm they are fingering the same building on their tablet and fire.
Aceste 15 minute nu par prea importante, insa daca te gandesti mai bine realizezi ca in anumite momente pot face diferenta dintre viata si moarte. Daca aceasta metoda va avea rezultate bune, armata SUA va extinde programul de achizitionare a produselor Apple.

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